CubeX2 zirconia by Dental Direkt:
"Beauty and strength together for the first time"

CubeX2 super translucent zirconia dazzles.  Made in Germany from a new class of material, CubeX2 combines beauty
and strength to create crowns and bridges up to three units with beautiful esthetics and a fracture strength of 620MPa. 



CubeX2 is available from leading dental labs - ask for it by name

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CubeX2 Overview

CubeX2 combines the known positive properties of zirconia with a significant increase in translucency (49% translucency), making it ideal for anterior and posterior applications up to 3-unit bridgework in all tooth positions. Highly biocompatible, cubeX2 is the ideal restorative material for today’s dentistry, offering the translucency of a lithium disilicate while retaining the strength of zirconia (720 MPa’s of fl exural strength). Dentists no longer have to choose between traditional zirconia and lithium disilicate ...cubeX2 offers strength and beauty!

cubeX2 Cubic Zirconia Material Properties

cubeX2 is a highly translucent, esthetic cubic zirconia that develops light transmission previously unknown with current zirconium oxides. The cubic/tetragonal microstructure, to which the material owes its characterization as “cubic zirconia,” is basically responsible for its extremely high translucency.

Cubic Zirconia System Traditional zirconium varieties familiar and established in the dental field can be grouped together as 3Y-TZP ceramics. By adding 3 mol% yttria oxide, the tetragonal crystal phase is stabilized to create the traditional Yttria stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystals formation. The cubeX2 system is based on a 5 mol% yttria oxide, which leads to a stabilization of approximately 53% cubic and 47% tetragonal crystal structure. Thanks to the larger cubic form in volume terms compared to the traditional 3Y-TZP zirconia, transparency is vastly improved with the new cubic zirconia 5Y-TZP molecular structure.



Best Resistance to Aging Most all ceramic dental restorative materials experience a degradation of strength values over time in vivo due to aging/ phase transformation. Due to the enhanced stability of the cubic phase in cubeX2 (versus the tetragonal phase found in conventional zirconia products), less phase transformation is observed in vivo, allowing cubeX2 to retain much more of its initial strength over time.



To download a CubeX2 product brochure click here