Autoscan-DS-EX Pro Lab Scanner

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Autoscan-DS-EX Pro Lab Scanner

Shining 3D’s versatile lab scanner that’s light-weight and fast.

Scan Speed

Bite 8s
1-8 Dies 13-21s
Single Jaw 12s
Impression 58s
  • optimized scan path for optimum results, higher efficiency and reduces the need for manual rescanning
  • supports multiple articulators
  • dynamic scanning improves occlusion precision
  • All-in-one: scan quadrant models and dies at the same time


Clearly captures the textures and marks on the plaster model, assisting technicians to finish the digital partial framework design.


AutoScan-DS-EX Pro supports multiple dental scan applications, including wax-up, abutment, die, plaster model, impression, articulator and texture.
When it comes to gaps, the AutoScan-DS-EX Pro can compute an optimized scan path and rescan to fill the unscanned holes automatically. Users donâ??t have to rescan manually.


Camera resolution  1.3 MP 
Output format      STL / OBJ / PLY
Light source       Blue light
Dimensions         260x270x420 mm 
Weight             5 kg 
Interface          USB 3.0 
Power supply       DC24 V