Digital Dentistry Solutions

Partners in Digital Dentistry
The dental industry is in the midst of unprecedented change. The adoption of scanning, CAD/CAM and stereolithography processes has allowed dental professionals to improve their efficiency and gain access to an increased portfolio of solutions and materials.

With a 70+ years history of serving the Canadian dental community, and a reputation to maintain, it’s essential that Central Dental works with the right kind of manufacturing partners; partners that will provide legitimate solutions and predictable support.

Within this ever-changing environment Central Dental is proud to offer dental professionals across Canada this range of solutions for digital workflows. We are fully committed to being there to help all of you successfully integrate these new workflows and realize their benefits.

The Dental Digital Process
Every digital workflow begins with capturing or acquiring information. If information is captured in an analogue fashion (eg. take an impression and pour up a model) then that information needs to converted into a digital format. This is accomplished with a lab scanner.

Once the analogue information is converted into a digital format it’s possible to use design software (CAD) to create the desired dental prostheses (eg. crown, bridge, model, splint, surgical guide, denture).

With the design complete the next step is to make the prostheses. Today two options exist to accomplish this: printing or milling, with each option offering a range of materials to choose from to meet the specific clinical need.
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